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What is ·TechGrind·?

TechGrind is an internationally recognized brand-name in ecosystem building, investing, and community for tech startups.
TechGrind started in ASEAN (World's 5th Largest & 3rd Fastest Growing Economy) where it built a fully functional "Silicon Valley" in the region by bringing startup founders together to lead, and creating the entities needed to follow them.

TechGrind ASEAN operates 5 umbrella companies consisting of each element of the ecosystem:

  • TechGrind HUB: non-profit events & activities.
  • TechGrind SPACES: non-profit shared offices & coworking.
  • TechGrind INCUBATOR: 18-month incubator program (9% equity).
  • TechGrind VENTURE SYNDICATE: $25-100k Angel Funding at $1m-valuation.
  • TechGrind VENTURE CAPITAL: up to $1m Seed; up to $2m Series-A Follow-on.

TechGrind Startups are fully supported in every sector of the ecosystem to build the next unicorns of ASEAN.
Local chapters of TechGrind around ASEAN are called "HUBS" - which operate independantly for their city/region.

What is ·TechGrind Labs·?

TechGrind LABS is the branch of TechGrind in New Mexico, USA. Here to build and invest in a thriving tech ecosystem just like we did in ASEAN. We are actively identifying elements of our ecosystem which we can partner with and help; and building from scratch those that dont exist - or dont function.
TechGrind LABS launched its own HUB as of Q4 2019: activating the ecosystem with events and activities where startup founders, investors, service providers, and talent can engage, solve problems, and build great tech startups in New Mexico.
TechGrind LABS is an open entity welcoming all to participate and join. TechGrind LABS is about you - the founders and stakeholders in startups.

For now, you can expect engaging with the following activities from TechGrind LABS:

Monthly Events

Always FREE for startups. Each one designed to solve a specific problem for startups, investors, & stakeholders.


Weekend-long workshops, hackathons, & bootcamps - providing intense practice, training & experience for investors, founders & talent.

Yearly Conference

Bringing Value & Prestige to the NM tech ecosystem while connecting us to the global tech economy.

Investment Structure for Startups & Investors

Establishing world-class investment opportunities focused on startups and investor collaboration & success.

·TechGrind Events Schema·

·TechGrind Labs Calendar·

Here we will create additional tools for the ecosystem, including a community calendar that everyone can submit and curate events on. In the meantime - use THIS EVENT SUBMITTION FORM to submit details for your events to be included in the calendar.

Contact Us

For now, please email us, while we finish our website!

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